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We, the student development professionals who administer the provision of student development programmes in the Post School Education and Training (PSET) sector, are committed to identifying with practices that will enhance the stature of our profession.

To this end, the National Association for Student Development Professionals (NASDEV) was formed as an endeavor of the PSET sector to collectively craft a student development practice agenda, capacity building, and professionalization of student affairs. We believe in the rounded, holistic and integrated development of students through context-specific, theory-embedded actions, and principles that produce grounded graduates and productive citizens. We are committed to the following Principles of Good Practice in student development:

  • Engagement of students in active learning
  • Helping students to develop coherent values and ethical standards
  • Setting and communicating high expectations for student learning
  • Using systematic inquiry to improve student and institutional performance
  • Building supportive and inclusive communities
  • Using resources effectively to achieve institutional missions and goals
  • Forging educational partnerships that advance student learning


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Principles of good practice in student leadership

Engagement Of Students In Active Learning

Helping Students To Develop Coherent Values And Ethical Standards

Setting And Communicating High Expectations For Student Learning

Setting And Communicating High Expectations For Student Learning

Using Systematic Inquiry To Improve Student And Institutional Performance

Using Resources Effectively To Achieve Institutional Missions And Goals

Forging Educational Partnerships That Advance Student Learning;

Building Supportive And Inclusive Communities.

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